Fishing for deep-sea fish in the Atlantic ocean

Рыбалка в Доминикане

Ever dream of hunting deep-sea giants? Then fishing in the Dominican Republic is the best way for you to spend time! 
There are a lot of different fishes in warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean such as: blue marlins, dorado, barracuda and other ocean fishes.

The real Captain Jack Sparrow will lead you to hunt … not the Kraken, but almost … On the marlin. Which length is up to 5 m, and weight over 600 kg!

We go fishing on the Bertram yacht (42 ft). You are waited for at least 3.5 hours of trolling and a small group of like-minded people (up to 8 people), ready to share with you the joy of the catch.

Duration: about 4 hours.

Cost: $ 80 per person. Maintainer – $ 60 per person.

Days: Every day.

Additionally, you can order photo and video.


Do not forget sunblock cream and headwear.

If necessary – take pills to prevent motion sickness or drink 100 g for courage.

fishing Dominican republic Dominicana iDominicana

fishing Dominican republic Dominicana iDominicana

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