Багги в Доминикане 2020: как проходит экскурсия. Фото. Видео

Do you like extreme sports? Then you will definitely like our next tour! 
The sea of drive, positive and most unforgettable emotions will give you BUGGI-tour on the off-roads of the Dominican Republic!

One of the most affordable excursions is designed for half a day, and sensations for half a lifetime, at least!
We begin our journey from the ranch, where you will have to leave your clean clothes and expensive technique (if it is without a protective cover).

We have at our disposal, both lightweight standard buggies, and more comfortable polaris, designed for 2 or 4 passengers.

We pass a brief briefing and go on a tour of the real outback and the most driving off-road!
Let’s drive so that the Dominican children will bet – who is cooler! 🙂

Guide travels at the beginning of the column and sets the pace, closing the movement of technology, ready to come to the rescue at any time.

Our first stop is the famous surf beach of Macaо, where we will have the opportunity to take a bath and swim.

Next, we are waiting for a new race and a great ranch, where we tell and show you how to grow the famous tropical fruits, as well as offer the taste of coffee and a cooked to a special recipe.

And again we set out on the road, which this time will take us to an ancient cave with an underground lake, in which the bravest can swim, having played and jumping off a rocky shore.When you return to the base you will be offered pics taken during the tour for an additional price, return your stuff and take you tired, but happy at the hotel.


-transfer from the hotel to the buggy base (about 20 min)

-selection of buggy, brief briefing

-Buggy race

-stop – surf beach Macaj

-pass to a new location

-stop – Dominican ranch, coffee tasting, cocoa

-pass to a new location

– a cave, a bath in an underground lake

-Buggy race

– Arrival to the base, from where the transfer takes us to the hotel.

Duration: half a day (4-5 hours).


$70 buggy standart (2 pax)

$100 buggy Polaris / Terracross (2 pax)

$130 buggy standart familiar (4 pax)

$170 buggy Polaris / Terracross (4 pax)



-swimming trunks and swimsuits are advised to be dressed before departure, and also to choose clothes and open shoes, which are not a pity to spoil

-Take with you sunglasses, bandanas (light scarves, pareos), so you can cover your face

-if you want to take a technique with you, then make sure it is waterproof or have a waterproof cover

Do not bring spare clean clothes with you

-On request – take money with you for pics, souvenirs, coffee, cigars, etc.

buggy tour Dominicana iDominicana2

buggy tour Dominicana iDominicana

buggy tour Dominicana iDominicana2

buggy tour Dominicana iDominicana2

buggy tour Dominicana iDominicana2

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